Why APET sheet is widely used in life
Aug 27,2020.

In fact, there are reasons for the wide application of APET sheet, and its essential advantages are also inseparable. In what areas does APET sheet exist? There are two aspects to look at! Let's follow Fullstar to find out!

1. As an engineering plastic product with strong corrosion resistance and heat resistance, APET sheet can finally bring more obvious benefits. It can be extremely useful in the chemical, printing and dyeing textile, mechanical and electronic industries. Good performance, and can be used as environmentally friendly building materials, these are the advantages that it can show.

2. APET sheet material believes that increasing the material temperature is beneficial to plasticizing and reducing the melt viscosity and flow resistance, the gate freezing speed slows down, and the feeding effect increases (the shrinkage rate decreases). At the same time, after the material temperature rises, the temperature at the front end of the material flow will also rise correspondingly, which is beneficial to reduce the weld mark.

PVC material should be the world's largest production and most widely used plastic product. APET sheet material is considered to be cheap, and PVC resin is mainly white or light yellow powder.

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