PP sheet widely used in our life
Sep 10,2020.

In fact, PP sheets are widely used in our lives. Many places are printed on the packaging. Such products are PP sheets. We should also know that such products are transparent, so It is better to use in product packaging, but do you know where PP sheets are widely used? Which places will be used more!

1. It is a plate with a thickness of 0.5-0.8 mm. PP sheets are mainly used for environmental protection. As environmentally friendly treatment materials, they can be immersed in water for 7-8 years without deformation.

2. It is a relatively thick PP sheet, which has a relatively high melting point, and four transparency and impact resistance are also relatively good, so it is mostly used in our industry.

3. It is a relatively thin PP plastic sheet with a thickness of only 0.2-0.4 mm. Sheets such as PP sheets are generally used for food packaging, such as the transparent food packaging shells sold in our supermarkets or The kind of disposable cup.

 In fact, our Fullstar plastic sheets manufacturer told you that although these three pieces are relatively short, the range of contact with these three places is also relatively large, so we can see from the front that the scope of our PP sheet is still More extensive. If you want to buy GAG sheet, APET sheet wholesale, you can also inquire our manufacturer.

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