• Jan , 19 2021

    Is there a difference in the thickness of the blister sheet?

    The usage of blister sheets in life can be said to be very wide. It is very necessary to choose and use blister sheet reasonably. The use of blister sheet is a good choice for industry processing and production. In fact, the thickness of the blister sheet itself is required when it is used.1. The thickness of ordinary thin blister is 0.08~2.0mm, mainly using PVC sheet, PP sheet, PS (HIPS) sheet, P...
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  • Jan , 14 2021

    The advantages and disadvantages of ABS sheet

    Disadvantages of ABS sheet : ABS plastic sheet has excellent performance, but due to higher technical requirements, it also leads to relatively expensive prices, low heat distortion temperature, flammability, poor weather resistance and other shortcomings, which also affects the further application of ABS sheet.Main performance of ABS sheet : Good impact strength, good dimensional stabil...
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  • Nov , 11 2020

    The performance parameters and usage of APET sheet

    Performance parameters:1. The heated size changes longitudinally≤5% and transversely≤5%2. Transparency≤3%3. Sanitary performance meets the requirements of GB13113-914. Density 1.33g/cm oxygen permeability 4-4.5cm*mm/(m*24h*0.1mpa)5. Elongation at break: longitudinal 250%, transverse 250%6. Tensile strength longitudinal 53MPA moisture permeability ≈ 3G*mm/(M*24H)   horizontal 53MPA higher operating...
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  • Nov , 03 2020

    The usage of APET sheet

    1. APET sheet has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times that of other films, and good folding resistance.2. APET plastic sheet is resistant to oil, fat, acrylic acid, dilute alkali, and most solvents.3. APET sheet has low permeability to gas and water vapor, and has excellent gas, water, oil and odor resistance.4. APET sheet is a product with relatively high transparency, it can...
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  • Oct , 14 2020

    The advantages of PVC plastic sheet

    PVC sheet is a kind of decoration material that is often used in construction, because PVC sheet is well-made and exquisitely crafted by many people. Nowadays, the development of PVC sheet is more and more rapid, so what are the reasons why people choose PVC sheet? The following Fullstar PVC sheet manufacturers briefly talk about the advantages of PVC sheet.     1. Mothproof, light,...
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  • Sep , 24 2020

    What are the ranges of PVC sheet rolls using

    PVC sheet is a very high-quality plastic material. Reasonable use in life is very necessary. The society's demand for PVC sheets is also very high.PVC waterproofing membrane is versatile and has a wide range of uses. PVC waterproofing membranes are widely used in various roofs, and have even been extended to metal roofs. In Japan, the amount of PVC coils has increased greatly, and many large m...
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  • Sep , 10 2020

    How to install PVC sheet flooring ?

    PVC sheet is a widely used product! And this kind of products are more common in our lives, and there are many places where PVC sheets are used to produce various different materials. PVC sheet flooring is one of them, and there are also comparisons. Many families will choose to use PVC sheet flooring to decorate our own homes?1. In winter construction, the floor should be laid after 48-72 of self...
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  • Aug , 27 2020

    The pvc sheet for floor

    PVC sheet can be applied in many places, and can also be applied to the floor we use. PVC floor is a common floor with different design types. Let us Jinhua PVC sheet manufacturers talk about the types of PVC flooring.1 Design with lockThere are roughly two types of PVC flooring on the market, one with locks and the other without locks. The floor without locks is similar to a flat plate, with glue...
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  • Aug , 21 2020

    Colored PVC sheets in daily decoration

    PVC sheets are more common in transparent styles. In fact, there are colorful PVC sheets on the market! They are one of the PVC sheets, and the main component is polyvinyl chloride (pvc). It is a mixed thread polymer with very good characteristics! If it is used in the surface of wallpaper, it can be used to enhance heat, ductility, and resistance!1. It is easy to protect, will not rust, and is mo...
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