What is the difference between GAG and APET sheets?
Aug 13,2020.

Do you all know what GAG and APET sheets are? They are a kind of raw materials that are always very popular in the industrial field. These products should also be very common to us, and they all have a common characteristic: Environmentally friendly blister sheet, and after use, it can be recycled and used without polluting the environment. It can also be recycled and degraded. Let me introduce the difference between GAG and APET sheet.

1. GAG is a three-layer composite sheet. It is a three-layer composite sheet produced by co-extrusion of the middle layer APET and the upper and lower layers of PETG raw materials in an appropriate ratio. It is especially suitable for packaging boxes that need to be bonded by high-frequency heat sealing and glue. The advantages are as follows:

    1. Good transparency, transparency can reach more than 90%, good texture, suitable for products requiring high transparency.

    2. Excellent impact resistance and rigidity, the material is hard and durable, suitable for applications with high impact resistance.

    3. Excellent processability. It can be processed by sawing, die cutting, drilling and laser cutting, as well as cold bending and hot bending, adhesion, welding and polishing, printing and painting; cold bending is not whitening, and the appearance is bright.

    4. The thermoformability is good, it can be formed without preheating, the precision is high, and the shrinkage rate is about 0.5%; the deep formability is good, without cracking and the thickness is uniform.

    5. Good food hygiene, made of PETG, which can meet all major food regulations.

    2. Compared with the currently widely used PVC film, A-PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet has the following advantages:

    1. High strength: The strength of PET film is more than 20% higher than that of PVC film, and it has better low-temperature impact resistance. It can withstand -40°C without brittleness. Therefore, usually 10% thinner film is used to replace PVC.

    2. Good folding resistance: PET film will not show self-cracking creases like PVC, and it is more suitable for surface decoration such as documents.

    3. PET film has high transparency (PVC film is bluish), especially gloss is better than PVC film, more suitable for exquisite packaging. PET products are pollution-free, crystal-free, high transparency, good finish, and strong impact resistance. They can be widely used in exquisite packaging such as blister, folding boxes, cylinders and various printing windows, and can be produced according to customer requirements. Color film.

    (1) APET transparent sheet APET film: transparent and clean APET ordinary sheet, suitable for folding box, printing and blister.

    (2) Antistatic sheets are divided into three categories, with different levels of antistatic index, suitable for packaging of electronic products with different needs. Type A: Use internal injection technology. Antistatic index: 109~1011B category: adopt coating technology. The antistatic index is: 109~1011C category: using coating technology. The antistatic index is: 108~1010

    (3) APET conductive sheet is used for high-end electronic product packaging and turnover boxes, inner support, outer packaging, etc.

    (4) APET color sheet Transparent or opaque sheet of various colors, suitable for packaging of cosmetics and food with high requirements.

    (5) After the APET flat sheet is formed, it is directly cut into the APET flat sheet with the required size by a high-precision cutting machine.

    (6) APET composite film sheet APET extruded sheet is immediately covered with a transparent protective film. It can be laminated on one side or on both sides. Suitable for packaging or printing with extremely high requirements on the surface of the sheet.

   (7) APET anti-UV sheet UV is ultraviolet, and anti-ultraviolet APET sheet. The product has been tested by relevant national institutions and meets the requirements of UV resistance.

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