The Advantages of PVC sheet for daily decoration
Aug 7,2020.

PVC sheets are used in many ways, and such products can also be produced in various colors, which can be said to be colorful. In fact, the main component of PVC sheets is polyvinyl chloride, and vinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of linear polymerization. Things. It has very good characteristics! Its molecular formula is (CH2CH2CL)n the surface of the wallpaper is added to enhance its heat resistance, resistance, ductility, etc. It has very good characteristics in daily decoration. Here is a brief introduction for everyone! If you are interested, you can check it out.

1. It is easy to protect and will not rust. It is more convenient to use than metal plates. It is simple to clean up daily, just add a little detergent for scrubbing.

2. There are various ways of use, and PVC sheets are used in many occupations.

3. Lightweight, no matter it is in logistics transportation or in decoration, it can save a transportation fee.

4. The production is convenient, and the production and processing of pvc sheet is simple, so the price of the product is more competitive than other traditional boards.

5. The PVC sheet can be easily cut and portrayed to suit almost any environment.

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