How to deal with air bubbles generated in the lamination process of APET film
Jul 30,2020.

I believe you may not understand clear apet sheet in your life, but when it comes to high-end blister packaging, cartons, and windows, its application is indispensable. Like many films, APET must pay special attention to details in the production. Good products can make consumers trust and promote long-term cooperation capital. Then how to deal with the bubbles generated in the composite process of PET roll sheet ? If problems occur, they will not only affect the appearance. , And have a great impact on later sales.

If it is a hard-point transparent pet plastic sheet protective film, if it is a bubble, you can see it by careful observation before you have compounded it. This is caused by the production process and other reasons when the PET film protective film is produced, and it cannot be processed later. If you have a dedicated test tool, the thickness of the bubble point is different from other places.

     There are many reasons for the occurrence of hard spots (pre-transportation, production process, subsequent processing, etc.). If the previous film is all right, then you must pay attention to the smoothness of the roller during the subsequent processing. You can touch the roller with your hand. The degree of smoothness. If the rubber pressure roller is too hard, the pressure of the pressure roller can be adjusted appropriately. There is also the impurity brought into the roller, which is often overlooked.

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