The advantages of APET sheet are shown in four aspects
Jul 24,2020.

Maybe many people don’t know a lot about sheet products like APET. After all, there are more sheets like PVC in our lives, but this kind of sheet products are used in our lives. , Maybe you don’t know very well, so here is a brief introduction to everyone, hoping to let you know more about this product.

1. Good folding resistance. PET film does not have self-cracking creases like PVC, and is more suitable for surface decoration such as documents.

2. Light specific gravity: PET specific gravity 1.33 is 3.7% lower than PVC specific gravity 1.38

3. High strength: The strength of clear PET film is more than 20% higher than that of PVC film, and it has better low-temperature impact resistance. It can withstand -40°C without brittleness. Therefore, usually 10% thinner film is used to replace PVC.

4. PET plastic film has high transparency (PVC film is blueish), especially gloss is better than PVC film, more suitable for exquisite packaging.

APET products are pollution-free, crystal-free, high transparency, good finish, and strong impact resistance. They can be widely used in blister, folding boxes, cylinders and other exquisite packaging and various printing windows, and can be produced according to customer requirements. Color film.

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