Major properties of PVC sheet
Jul 3,2020.

PVC plastic sheet is used in many industries, because the quality of this product is very good, and it has many value factors, so it is normal to be welcomed by people. In fact, PVC sheet has four comparisons Good performance, I don’t know if you know it? If you don’t know, you can follow our fullstar plastic sheet manufacturers to find out!

(1) Environmental performance

    PVC is resistant to various organic solvents such as acid, alkali, salt, etc., and is more suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical anti-corrosion materials.

(2) Electrical performance

    PVC is a polymer with good electrical properties. Due to its large polarity, its electrical insulation is not as good as PP and PE boards.

(3) Thermal performance

    PVC has poor heat resistance and stability. It begins to decompose at 140°C and its melting temperature is 160°C. The coefficient of linear expansion of PVC is small, and it is flame retardant.

(4) Mechanical properties

    PVC has higher hardness and mechanical properties, which can increase with increasing molecular weight and decrease with increasing temperature. The mechanical properties of rigid PVC sheet are much better than those of soft PVC.

The four properties of Clear PVC sheets are simple and I have introduced you here! You can check it out! This is really a good product, and it is of great help to us! If you want to know more about PVC sheets, you can read more about our fullstar plastic sheet manufacturers. If you need wholesale of GAG sheets and APET sheets, you can also contact us by phone.

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