Common knowledge of transparent PVC sheet
Jul 3,2020.

Everyone should be quite familiar with this PVC sheet! It is widely used in our life. Many packaging products mostly use such pvc sheet transparent, because PVC sheets are transparent and can better show the product style, color, etc. to attract consumer attention. , this is why it has been widely used.

1. Thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm

2. Product features: no water grain, no crystal point, crystal mirror PVC hard sheet

3. Common specifications:

915×1220mm, 915×1830mm, 1220×2440mm;

0.2×915×1220; 0.25×915×1220; 0.3×915×1220;

0.5×915×1830; 0.8×915×1830;

1.0×915×1830; 1.5×915×1830;

2.0×915×1830; 2.5×915×1830; 3.0×915×1830, etc.

Generally, manufacturers can produce according to the actual needs of customers, so the production specifications are not fixed, so if you want to buy our transparent pvc sheet roll, GAG sheets or other APET sheets wholesale, you still know After a little more, I will talk about it later. Different products are used in different places. If you don’t know, you can call Fullstar PVC sheet manufacturers to consult.

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