What should be paid attention to when purchasing PVC sheet
Jan 19,2021.

PVC sheet has always been a very high-quality choice. There are many demands for PVC sheets in daily life. Reasonable use of PVC sheet in many directions can help very well, and the effect of product use will be better. In fact, fullstar PVC sheet also has many requirements and points of attention when choosing. This time, Fullstar PVC sheet manufacturer will talk about what needs to be paid attention to when purchasing PVC sheet.

1 Design with lock 

There are roughly two types of PVC flooring on the market, one with locks and the other without locks. The floor without locks is similar to a flat plate, with glue on the back, which is fixed by glue. Products with locks have a lock design on the edge of the floor, and the two boards can be fixed by locks. Generally, products with locks do not have adhesive. When paving the floor without locks, manual alignment is required, and there are certain requirements on the hands-on ability of the paver. The floor with lock design is more concise and clear when paving, and the buckle firmly holds the floor and reduces the possibility of displacement. A good buckle fits tightly, the gap on the floor surface is small, and it also has a certain degree of dust and water resistance. It is not afraid that the floor will be warped or deformed, with a longer service life and better practicability. 

 2Glue-free installation, more environmentally friendly

 Some PVC floors come with glue on the back, just like double-sided tape, which can be fixed by tearing off the backing paper. However, there are two issues to consider for floors with adhesive backing. First of all, whether the glue itself is environmentally friendly, will there be a problem of excessive formaldehyde. Poor quality glue may have health risks. Over time, the adhesive may also age and harden, thereby reducing the fixing ability. 

 3With UV coating, strong practicability 

Although PVC material has good ductility, it is not as easy to expand and contract with heat and moisture as wood, but excellent waterproof and moisture-proof functions are necessary for PVC flooring. First of all, the surface of the PVC floor should be coated with UV, so as to avoid accidental sprinkling of water, the water will penetrate into the floor, causing long-term dampness and floor soaking, and it is more convenient for daily mopping and maintenance. The excellent PVC floor should also have a non-slip design, especially in the weather of the southern sky, to reduce the mutual penetration of water vapor on the floor and to better keep the environment dry.

 4 Look at the number of wear-resistant revolutions, the higher the better 

PVC flooring is similar to laminate flooring, and its durability largely depends on the protective layer of the surface. The "strength" of the surface protective layer is usually expressed by the number of wear-resistant revolutions. The number of revolutions is a laboratory data used to measure the wear resistance of the floor surface. According to national regulations, the number of revolutions of the household floor is from 4000 to 6000. The higher the number of revolutions, the higher the wear resistance of the floor surface, and the more the floor can withstand injuries such as dragging tables and chairs, trampling on high heels.

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