The Application of APET sheet
Aug 21,2020.

Wholesale APET sheets are used in many places and can be made into many products. The most common ones are the beverage bottles we usually use. These are made of APET sheets, but the melting point of APET sheets is relatively low. It is not particularly heat-resistant, so pay attention to the temperature. Let us Fullstar APET sheet wholesale manufacturer talk about its application.

1. It can be spun into polyester fiber, namely polyester.

2. Films can be made into substrates, insulating films, product packaging, etc. for audio, video, motion picture film, etc.

3. As plastic, it can be blown into various bottles, such as cola bottles, mineral water bottles, etc.

4. Can be used as electrical parts, bearings, gears, etc.

5. Because of its low melting point, PET plastic bottles should not be filled with hot water, alcohol and grease to avoid the precipitation of carcinogen DEHP.

6. Imported bottles have strict requirements on raw materials during production, and the bottle walls are thicker, so there is less hydrolysis in reprocessing and better whiteness.

Due to the lax standard control of domestic bottles, some use low-viscosity raw materials, and some also use recycled materials, and the bottle walls are made thinner, so there is more hydrolysis during reprocessing, and the whiteness is also worse than that of imported bottles.

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