The Advantages of GAG sheet
Jul 3,2020

Many blister products are produced using sheets, such as many packaging boxes used in our lives. Transparent GAG sheet is a transparent sheet, which is very suitable for making packaging boxes. Moreover, GAG sheet also has very strong toughness and is very strong, as a package, it can also protect the goods very well. GAG sheet has many characteristics, how much do you know?

1. Good transparency, transparency can reach more than 90%, good texture, suitable for products requiring high transparency.

2. Excellent impact strength and rigidity, hard and durable materials, suitable for high impact strength applications.

3. Excellent workability, can use sawing, die cutting, drilling and laser cutting and other processing methods, and can also be cold and hot bending, adhesion, welding and polishing, printing and painting; and cold bending is not whitened, and the appearance is bright.

4. Good thermoformability, can be formed without preheating, high precision, shrinkage rate is about 0.5%; good deep formability, no cracking and uniform thickness.

5. Excellent food hygiene, the material is PETG, which can meet all major food regulations.

6. Environmental protection, recyclable and non-polluting.

The above six points are the contents about the characteristics of GAG plastic sheet introduced by our Jinhua GAG sheet manufacturer. From this, we can find that GAG sheet has good processability, which means that when GAG sheet is used to process products, it is easy to form, and the appearance is also beautiful. If you need to buy GAG sheet, please call us to consult our Fullstar Plastic Sheets manufacturer. We also provide APET sheet wholesale.

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